Package facets.facet

Surface building.


Interface Summary
FacetFactory.AppletHost SHost that can create and set an applet layout.
SwingPanelFacet SFacet based on JComponents.

Class Summary
AreaFacets Sub-factory for viewer, area and surface facets.
FacetFactory Factory that creates and lays out facets.
FacetFactory.ComboCoupler Coupler for any combination of indexed list and text box.
FacetMaster Integrates a custom widget assembly with the facet builder API.
FacetMaster.Simple Builds and manages widget assembly for a simple facet.
FacetMaster.Viewer Builds and manages avatar pane for a viewer facet.
SwingSimpleMaster Builds and manages Swing panel for a simple facet.
SwingViewerMaster Builds and manages Swing pane for a viewer facet.
SwingViewerMaster.Form SwingViewerMaster defined by a ViewerPaneForm.
ValueDialogContenter FacetDialogContenter for ValueNode content such as that of AppValues.
ViewerAreaMaster Parameter object for viewer creation methods in AreaFacets.
ViewerPaneForm Builds and manages a form inside a FacetMaster.Viewer.

Enum Summary
FacetFactory.SurfaceStyle Possible app surface styles.
FacetFactory.ToolkitType Possible widget toolkits and look-and-feels.

Package facets.facet Description

Surface building.

This package provides an API for building the surfaces of complete Superficial applications based on types defined in (themselves extending those defined in and