General application building.


Interface Summary
FacetConstants Includes default decorations.

Class Summary
FacetAppActions AppActions for a FacetAppSurface.
FacetAppSpecifier AppSpecifier that builds and launches the FacetAppSurface that it specifies.
FacetAppSurface ActionAppSurface with a built-in FacetFactory.
FacetDialogContenter SimpleContenter that creates content for a dialog in a FacetAppSurface.
FacetDialogContenter.PanelFacets FacetFactory for use by FacetDialogContenter.
FacetDialogSurface DialogSurface with attached FacetFactory.
FacetDialogSurface.MultiPaged FacetDialogSurface for multi-page dialogs.
FacetPreferences AppActions.StatePreferences for a FacetAppSurface.
FileAppActions FacetAppActions for an application that reads and writes files.
WindowAppHost AppHost that manages a window for a FacetAppSurface.

Package Description

General application building.

This package provides an API for building complete Superficial applications based on types defined in (themselves extending the core types defined in