Class SwingViewerMaster

  extended by facets.util.Tracer
      extended by facets.facet.FacetMaster
          extended by facets.facet.FacetMaster.Viewer
              extended by facets.facet.toolkit.swing.ViewerMaster
                  extended by facets.facet.SwingViewerMaster
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class SwingViewerMaster
extends facets.facet.toolkit.swing.ViewerMaster

Builds and manages Swing pane for a viewer facet.

SwingViewerMaster descends from FacetMaster.Viewer via a superclass known by the AreaFacets viewers builder.

A custom viewer facet can be defined by returning a concrete subclass from ViewerAreaMaster.viewerMaster().

Nested Class Summary
static class SwingViewerMaster.Form
          SwingViewerMaster defined by a ViewerPaneForm.
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class facets.facet.FacetMaster
FacetMaster.Simple, FacetMaster.Viewer
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 javax.swing.JComponent avatarPane()
          The Swing avatar pane.
protected abstract  javax.swing.JComponent newAvatarPane()
          Create the avatar pane to be used in the viewer facet.
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base, defaultCursor, focusGained, getTargetFacets, isScrollable, requestPopup, scrollPane, targets, viewerTarget
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Constructor Detail


public SwingViewerMaster()
Method Detail


protected abstract javax.swing.JComponent newAvatarPane()
Create the avatar pane to be used in the viewer facet.

Called during viewer construction; the pane returned can be accessed with avatarPane().

Specified by:
newAvatarPane in class facets.facet.toolkit.swing.ViewerMaster


public final javax.swing.JComponent avatarPane()
The Swing avatar pane.

avatarPane in class facets.facet.toolkit.swing.ViewerMaster
the pane created in newAvatarPane()