Superficial views, selection, content areas and hosts.


Interface Summary
SContenter Builds a targeter tree and facets that can expose its content.
SHost GUI context for a surface.
SHost.FacetLayout Arrangement of facets exposing application content.
SSelection Selection within application content.
SSurface Surface managing an AreaTargeter tree.
SView Defines display policy for a viewer facet.
SViewer Supplies SView policy and SSelection content to a viewer facet.
ViewableAction Action on viewable content.

Class Summary
AreaTargeter Ancestor class of all targeters returned by SAreaTargets.
IndexingFrame SelectingFrame that selects with an SIndexing.
IndexingFrame.FrameTargeter Targeter for an IndexingFrame.
IndexingTarget STarget with indexing of STarget children.
IndexingTargeter FrameTargeter for an IndexingTarget.
SAreaTarget Represents viewers and other surface areas to the targeter tree.
SContentRootTargeter Heads the targeter tree for a content area.
SelectingFrame SFrameTarget that maintains a SSelection.
SelectionView SSelection-aware SView implementation.
ViewableFrame SelectingFrame that can respond to input from SViewers and ViewableActions.
ViewerTarget Connects a facet to the viewer and retargeting architectures.

Package Description

Superficial views, selection, content areas and hosts.