Class FacetMaster

  extended by facets.util.Tracer
      extended by facets.facet.FacetMaster
Direct Known Subclasses:
FacetMaster.Simple, FacetMaster.Viewer

public abstract class FacetMaster
extends Tracer

Integrates a custom widget assembly with the facet builder API.

FacetMaster allows custom widget assemblies to be built and managed within an abstract facet builder API.

A facet master must

A master should be used by a facet builder to extend by composition an appropriate generic facet; FacetMaster itself defines attachedToFacet() to be called by the facet during construction.

FacetMaster is extended for viewer and simple facet by its internal abstract subclasses; methods to create and reference the custom assembly can be defined in toolkit-specific subclasses.

Nested Class Summary
static class FacetMaster.Simple
          Builds and manages widget assembly for a simple facet.
static class FacetMaster.Viewer
          Builds and manages avatar pane for a viewer facet.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void attachedToFacet()
          Called when a facet is constructed from the instance.
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Constructor Detail


public FacetMaster()
Method Detail


public void attachedToFacet()
Called when a facet is constructed from the instance.

Can be used to perform facet-dependent construction: up to this call, methods depending on the facet will fail.

Default implementation is empty.