Class FacetDialogContenter

  extended by facets.util.Tracer
      extended by facets.core.app.SimpleContenter
          extended by facets.facet.app.FacetDialogContenter
All Implemented Interfaces:
DialogSurface.Contenter, SContenter, TargeterCore.TargetType, Titled
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class FacetDialogContenter
extends SimpleContenter

SimpleContenter that creates content for a dialog in a FacetAppSurface.

Nested Class Summary
static class FacetDialogContenter.PanelFacets
          FacetFactory for use by FacetDialogContenter.
Field Summary
protected  FacetFactory ff
Constructor Summary
FacetDialogContenter(java.lang.String title, FacetFactory ff)
Method Summary
protected  void attachRootMountFacet(SAreaTarget rootArea)
          Attach a facet to the tree headed by root.
 SFacet newContentPanel(SContentRootTargeter t)
          Return a panel containing facets exposing the content.
protected  FacetDialogContenter.PanelFacets newPanelFacets(FacetFactory core)
          Create a FacetDialogContenter.PanelFacets for return by newContentPanel(SContentRootTargeter).
 void setDialog(DialogSurface dialog)
          Empty implementation.
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Field Detail


protected final FacetFactory ff
Constructor Detail


public FacetDialogContenter(java.lang.String title,
                            FacetFactory ff)
Method Detail


protected void attachRootMountFacet(SAreaTarget rootArea)
Description copied from class: SimpleContenter
Attach a facet to the tree headed by root.

Called by SimpleContenter.newContentRoot(boolean, boolean); the facet attached should be a suitable MountFacet for the facet returned by DialogSurface.Contenter.newContentPanel(SContentRootTargeter).

Specified by:
attachRootMountFacet in class SimpleContenter
rootArea - was created in SimpleContenter.newContentRoot(boolean, boolean)


public SFacet newContentPanel(SContentRootTargeter t)
Description copied from interface: DialogSurface.Contenter
Return a panel containing facets exposing the content.

Called from STargeter.retargetFacets(Notifying.Impact) in the (special) SContentRootTargeter created by DialogSurface.ContentRoot

t - heads the targeter tree for the content


protected FacetDialogContenter.PanelFacets newPanelFacets(FacetFactory core)
Create a FacetDialogContenter.PanelFacets for return by newContentPanel(SContentRootTargeter).

core - passed to factory constructor


public void setDialog(DialogSurface dialog)
Description copied from class: SimpleContenter
Empty implementation.

Specified by:
setDialog in interface DialogSurface.Contenter
setDialog in class SimpleContenter