Uses of Interface

Packages that use SRetargetable Extensions and partial specialisations of core Superficial types. 
facets.core.superficial Superficial targeting mechanism and and simple targets. Superficial views, selection, content areas and hosts. 
facets.facet Surface building. 

Uses of SRetargetable in

Subinterfaces of SRetargetable in
 interface MountFacet
          Contains other facets.

Uses of SRetargetable in facets.core.superficial

Subinterfaces of SRetargetable in facets.core.superficial
 interface SFacet
          Superfical facet.
 interface STargeter
          Superficial targeter.

Classes in facets.core.superficial that implement SRetargetable
 class TargeterCore
          Implements STargeter.

Uses of SRetargetable in

Classes in that implement SRetargetable
 class AreaTargeter
          Ancestor class of all targeters returned by SAreaTargets.
static class IndexingFrame.FrameTargeter
          Targeter for an IndexingFrame.
 class IndexingTargeter
          FrameTargeter for an IndexingTarget.
 class SContentRootTargeter
          Heads the targeter tree for a content area.

Uses of SRetargetable in facets.facet

Subinterfaces of SRetargetable in facets.facet
 interface SwingPanelFacet
          SFacet based on JComponents.