Package facets.core.superficial

Superficial targeting mechanism and and simple targets.


Interface Summary
Facetable Application element that may have an attached facet.
FacetedTarget STarget representing a viewer or containing area with an attached SFacet.
Notifiable Undertakes to respond to notification.
Notifying Potential element of the Facets notification tree.
SFacet Superfical facet.
SRetargetable Application element targetable on a STarget.
STarget Superfical target.
STarget.Targeted Creates STargets representing its data and logic.
STargeter Superficial targeter.
TargetCoupler Connects a facade STarget to the application.
TargeterCore.TargetType Marks the effective type of a dynamically constructed targeter tree.

Class Summary
Notice Object to be passed by Notifying to Notifiable.
SFrameTarget Extends TargetCore by framing application content to be exposed directly to facets.
SIndexing STarget representing one or more indices into a list of items.
SIndexing.Coupler Connects an SIndexing to the application.
SNumeric STarget representing a numeric value.
SNumeric.Coupler Connects a SNumeric to the application.
STextual STarget representing a textual value.
STextual.Coupler Connects a STextual to the application.
SToggling STarget representing a Boolean value.
SToggling.Coupler Connects a SToggling to the application.
SToggling.Togglings A set of STogglings based on an int[].
STrigger STarget representing an application process.
STrigger.Coupler Connects a STrigger to the application.
TargetCore Implements STarget.
TargeterCore Implements STargeter.

Enum Summary
Notifying.Impact Allows a Notifying to refine its notification.

Package facets.core.superficial Description

Superficial targeting mechanism and and simple targets.