Extensions and partial specialisations of core Superficial types.


Interface Summary
AppActions.StatePreferences Supplier of DialogSurface.Contenters and matching DialogSurface for AppActions.launchPreferences().
AppConstants Constants useful for abstract applications, especially those based on AppValues.
AppHost SHost that can create and set application layouts.
AppHost.LayoutFeatures Defines layout to be returned from AppHost.newDesktopLayout(SFacet,LayoutFeatures).
AppSurface.Contenter SContenter for use in an AppSurface.
DialogHost SHost that can create dialog-type layouts and launch them in a window.
DialogSurface.Contenter SContenter for use in a DialogSurface.
Fonted Font features for rich text objects.
MountFacet Contains other facets.
StatefulViewable.Clipper Can copy and paste the content of a StatefulViewable.
StatefulViewable.ClipperSource Can supply a StatefulViewable with a suitable StatefulViewable.Clipper.
SurfaceServices Can respond to requests from surface facets.
ViewerContenter.ContentSource Can create content.

Class Summary
ActionAppSurface AppSurface defining application actions and management.
ActionViewerTarget ViewerTarget that couples ViewableActions to STriggers.
AppActions Can launch dialogs and create root target elements on behalf of a ActionAppSurface.
AppSpecifier AppValues that defines policy for an AppSurface.
AppSurface Implements SSurface for both single- and multi-content applications.
AppSurface.ContentRoot Heads a content area tree for use in an application surface.
ArrayPath OffsetPath for array-based content.
DialogActionDefaults Convenience extension of DialogSurface.DialogActions.
Dialogs Builds and launches modal dialogs on behalf of an AppSurface.
Dialogs.ExceptionTexts Parameter object for Dialogs.warningException(ExceptionTexts, Exception, boolean).
Dialogs.Surfacer Creates the DialogSurface to expose a set of SContenters.
DialogSurface Implements SSurface for modal dialogs.
DialogSurface.ContentRoot Heads a content area tree for use in a dialog page.
DialogSurface.DialogActions Defines top-level buttons for a DialogSurface.
FrameGroup STarget that enables multiple selection.
Headless Allows an AppSurface to be run headless eg for debugging.
Headless.HeadlessHost Empty AppHost for a headless AppSurface.
HtmlContent Stateful container for mutable HTML source.
HtmlContent.HtmlSelected Defines start and end of text selection in rendering and source.
HtmlView TextView displaying rich text defined using HTML.
ListView TreeView that displays only the direct children of its root.
MenuFacets Creates SFacets for a top-level menu.
NodePath OffsetPath for TypedNode trees that can index into their TypedNode.values().
NodeViewable StatefulViewable for tree-type content.
PathSelection Implements SSelection using OffsetPaths.
SimpleContenter SContenter that builds a content root with no viewers.
StatefulViewable<S extends Stateful> ViewableFrame with Stateful content.
TableView SelectionView that generates tabular viewer data.
TextTreeView TreeView that converts TypedNodes to (typically HTML) text.
TextView SView displaying plain or rich text.
TreeView SelectionView for TypedNode content.
ValueContent Encapsulates common operations on ValueNode content.
ValueEdit Encapsulates editing of a ValueNode using an input dialog.
ViewerContenter SContenter that builds content roots containing viewers.

Enum Summary
ActionAppSurface.CachingStyle Defines management style for ProvidingCache.
ActionViewerTarget.Action Defines a range of ViewableActions.
AppSurface.ContentStyle The possible styles for an AppSurface.
Dialogs.Response Type-safe definitions of possible dialog responses.

Exception Summary
AppSurface.ContentCreationException Enables a client to abandon creation of content.

Package Description

Extensions and partial specialisations of core Superficial types.

The key types in this package extend the application building types from