Interface Titled

All Known Subinterfaces:
AppSurface.Contenter, AvatarView, DialogSurface.Contenter, FacetedTarget, PlaneView, SContenter, SSurface, STarget, STargeter, Stateful, SView, ZoomPanView
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActionAppSurface, ActionViewerTarget, AppSurface, AppSurface.ContentRoot, AreaTargeter, AvatarViewWorks, DataNode, DialogSurface, DialogSurface.ContentRoot, ExceptionNode, FacetAppSurface, FacetDialogContenter, FacetDialogSurface, FacetDialogSurface.MultiPaged, FileNode, FrameGroup, FrameGroup.Proxy, HtmlContent, HtmlView, IndexingFrame, IndexingFrame.FrameTargeter, IndexingTarget, IndexingTargeter, ListView, NodeViewable, PlaneViewWorks, SAreaTarget, SContentRootTargeter, SelectingFrame, SelectionView, SFrameTarget, Shade, SimpleContenter, SIndexing, SNumeric, StatefulCore, StatefulViewable, STextual, SToggling, STrigger, SwingSimpleMaster, TableView, TargetCore, TargeterCore, TextTreeView, TextView, TreeAppContenter, TreeCodeContext, TreeCoded, TreeCodeType, TreeView, TypedNode, ValueContent, ValueDialogContenter, ValueNode, ValueProxy, ViewableFrame, ViewerContenter, ViewerTarget, ZoomPanViewWorks

public interface Titled

Has a single-line, human-readable identifying text.

The text may be shared with other objects to indicate common origin or purpose, or used as a persistable unique identifier.

(Note A title is of course the same as a label or caption; the distinct term was originally devised to avoid collision in code with these widely-used terms).

Method Summary
 java.lang.String title()
          Return human-readable identifying text.

Method Detail


java.lang.String title()
Return human-readable identifying text.

non-null, non-empty string with no structural whitespace