Class SelectionView

  extended by facets.util.Tracer
      extended by facets.util.StatefulCore
          extended by facets.core.superficial.app.SelectionView
All Implemented Interfaces:
SView, Stateful, Titled, java.io.Serializable
Direct Known Subclasses:
AvatarViewWorks, TableView, TextView, TreeView

public abstract class SelectionView
extends StatefulCore
implements SView

SSelection-aware SView implementation.

SelectionView creates a suitable SSelection for use by the viewer(s) it controls, based on the complete selection within viewable content.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface facets.core.superficial.app.SView
Constructor Summary
protected SelectionView(java.lang.String title)
          Unique constructor.
Method Summary
 boolean allowMultipleSelection()
          Implements interface method.
 boolean isLive()
          Implements interface method.
 SSelection newViewerSelection(SViewer viewer, SSelection viewable)
          Return content to be displayed by viewer.
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Constructor Detail


protected SelectionView(java.lang.String title)
Unique constructor.

title - passed to superclass
Method Detail


public boolean isLive()
Implements interface method.

Default returns false.

Specified by:
isLive in interface SView


public boolean allowMultipleSelection()
Implements interface method.

Default returns false.

Specified by:
allowMultipleSelection in interface SView


public SSelection newViewerSelection(SViewer viewer,
                                     SSelection viewable)
Return content to be displayed by viewer.

Enables delegation from implementations of ViewableFrame.newViewerSelection(SViewer); default returns viewable

viewer - controlled by this view
viewable - the current SelectingFrame.selection()