Package facets.util

General-purpose utilities and non-Superficial interfaces.


Interface Summary
Identified Specifies a unique identity.
SizeEstimable Can provide an advance estimate of its memory requirement.
Stateful Has state that can be set, copied and checked for deep equality.
Titled Has a single-line, human-readable identifying text.

Class Summary
ByteStrings Encoding of byte[]s as ASCII text.
Debug Utilities for use during development.
Doubles Floating-point utilities.
FileNode DataNode that knows about Files.
FileSpecifier Extension-based file filtering and name building.
HtmlBuilder Encapsulates assembly of HTML code.
IndexingIterator<T> Iteration with an index.
ItemList<T> An array-friendly List.
ItemList.TreeItems<C> ItemList that can traverse a generic tree.
NumberPolicy Validation and display of numbers.
NumberPolicy.Ticked Validation and tick-based display of numbers.
NumberPolicy.ValueVariable NumberPolicy.Ticked that adjusts to changes in the value managed.
NumberValues Encapsulates management of numeric values stored in a ValueNode.
Objects Utility methods for arrays.
OffsetPath Abstract path through a data structure.
PackedSerialized Converts between Serializables and compressed bytes.
Regex Regular-expression utilities.
StatefulCore Basic Stateful which stamps each state change.
StringFlags Container for flags defined using strings.
Strings String management and conversion.
TextLines Reads from and where allowed writes lines to a wrapped text file reference.
Times Simple timing for profiling and latency checks.
Tracer Utility superclass that can issue trace messages.
TracerInput Reads from the console using a Tracer for output.
Util General-purpose utility methods.
Util.FileBackup Encapsulates making a back-up copy of a file.
Util.SerializableBytes Encapsulates simple (de)serialization.

Package facets.util Description

General-purpose utilities and non-Superficial interfaces.