Interface TargeterCore.TargetType

All Known Subinterfaces:
AppSurface.Contenter, DialogSurface.Contenter, SContenter
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActionViewerTarget, AppSurface.ContentRoot, DialogSurface.ContentRoot, FacetDialogContenter, FrameGroup, FrameGroup.Proxy, IndexingFrame, IndexingTarget, NodeViewable, SAreaTarget, SelectingFrame, SFrameTarget, SimpleContenter, SIndexing, SNumeric, StatefulViewable, STextual, SToggling, STrigger, TargetCore, TreeAppContenter, ValueDialogContenter, ViewableFrame, ViewerContenter, ViewerTarget
Enclosing class:

public static interface TargeterCore.TargetType

Marks the effective type of a dynamically constructed targeter tree.

TargeterCore.TargetType is implemented by TargetCore and thus by all STarget implementations which means that the effective type of a TargeterCore can usually be marked by its target; in certain special cases a STarget type may be shared between two effective types, requiring some other TargeterCore.TargetType to be used instead.