Interface Notifiable

All Known Subinterfaces:
FacetedTarget, Notifying, SSurface, STarget, STargeter
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActionAppSurface, ActionViewerTarget, AppSurface, AppSurface.ContentRoot, AreaTargeter, DialogSurface, DialogSurface.ContentRoot, FacetAppSurface, FacetDialogSurface, FacetDialogSurface.MultiPaged, FrameGroup, FrameGroup.Proxy, IndexingFrame, IndexingFrame.FrameTargeter, IndexingTarget, IndexingTargeter, NodeViewable, SAreaTarget, SContentRootTargeter, SelectingFrame, SFrameTarget, SIndexing, SNumeric, StatefulViewable, STextual, SToggling, STrigger, TargetCore, TargeterCore, ViewableFrame, ViewerTarget

public interface Notifiable

Undertakes to respond to notification.

Notifiable is basically an observer, with a slightly stronger contract in that it promises a 'best efforts' response to notification.

Method Summary
 void notify(Notice notice)
          Respond to the Notice passed.

Method Detail


void notify(Notice notice)
Respond to the Notice passed.

When this method is called, the Notifiable should respond based on