Non-Superficial types for application management.


Interface Summary
AppServices Supplies an AppWatcher and application ProvidingCache.

Class Summary
AppFileValues Manages file history and other file values.
AppValues Can persist/depersist configuration and session state/user preferences.
AppWatcher High-level monitor of application program operation.
AppWatcher.WatcherCoupler Enables client code to communicate with AppWatcher.
BusyCursor Sets the application busy cursor.
Events Event tracing.
Events.EventTracer Can be notified of build etc messages.
MemoryChecks Checks memory availability, especially for use by ProvidingCache.
ProvidingCache Cache that encapsulates the creation of items to be stored.
ProvidingCache.ItemProvider<T> WatchableOperation that creates items for storage and return by ProvidingCache.
WatchableOperation Wrapper for code to be monitored by AppWatcher.

Enum Summary
WatchableOperation.CancelStyle Defines how a WatchableOperation can be cancelled.

Package Description

Non-Superficial types for application management.